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“TBA is truly a blessing for our youth. We live in a challenging time and the meetings that my daughter attended helped her to think about how important and special she is❤ Thoughts Before Actions helps the youth to realize their lives matter”

It’s such a positive organization for our youth, especially those missing mothers and fathers in their lives. The organizers take their free time so show the kids their lives really do matter.

“As a single mother, TBA has been a safe zone for my son. He's an amazing young man very respectful, smart and reserved. TBA has given him a voice to speak up and address everyday issues in a positive manner. He's matured and met peers his age, and together they are dealing with the daily struggles of being a teenager in society. I also admire the speakers that come to the meetings. They may be a few years older, but their messages are always powerful. No matter how many times as parents we want to pay, all trips are covered by the organization. TBA has given me positive outlook on a source within St. John the Baptist Parish. As a parent, having mentoring for my son is extremely important. He has someone to express his struggles, and I know they will help him express it to me. Thank you TBA!!”


"The staff and volunteers of TBA are awesome! The meetings and field trips are positive, educational, and fun. After being involved in TBA, my son understands that in life he can become a better person and achieve more, if he listens to people who wants to keep him on the right track and instill positive thoughts into him. TBA is a “Great” organization for my teenage son, has demonstrated positive leadership and he will continue to be at part of it!"


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