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Unlock Possibility with TBA: Together We Transform Lives.

At TBA, we're passionate about helping Children and Youths develop healthy relationships, interpersonal skills, and make responsible decisions. We strive to empower them to create positive changes in their lives and make better decisions. Join us today and start your journey to success

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What We Do...

We provide engaging and interactive programs to help youth learn the importance of positive relationships and communication.

Our non-profit provides mentorship and guidance to youth, helping them build healthy relationships and become more responsible. Through our services, we empower youth to make better decisions that positively shape their future.

Our Mission

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Upcoming Events

  • Kings raising Queens intro to Hair class
    Kings raising Queens intro to Hair class
    Our normal summer program, but this Summer we are doing it in person and on Zoom! This way everyone will be able to see all speakers. Interesting Topics, Guest Speakers, and overall Empowerment!

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Youth Empowerment

Invest in the future  

The mission of Thoughts Before Actions is to impact, inspire, and enhance the lives of all youth and young adults. We aim to do this by empowering them to do just as our names implies, Think before they Act. 

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